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πŸ‡°πŸ‡· Airfoil Seoul House

Thanks for expressing interest in the Airfoil Seoul House! We're using this form to capture interest so we can finalize a location.
Filling out this form doesn't constitute a firm commitment to join the house, but please only fill out this form if you believe you're likely to join.
We'll be closing this form on Jan 1, 2023 so we have enough time to organize the house properly.

Fast facts on the house

Tentative dates: 
March 20-April 14 (almost 1 month)
House costs covered by Airfoil, likely in Gwanghwamun Square area, a beautiful and historic, calm area of Seoul with dozens of coffee shops, boutiques and art galleries (personally, my favorite part of Seoul!).
Estimated airfare costs (all in USD) as of Dec 18, 2022:
🌎 From Canada/US roundtrip: $936 (Vancouver), $1,256 (Toronto), $1,074 (SF)
🌍 From Europe roundtrip: $725 (Berlin), $826 (Amsterdam), $890 (Tallinn)
🌏 From Asia roundtrip: $226 (Ho Chi Minh City), $296 (Singapore), $320 (Bali)
Cost of living is substantially lower than the US, Canada, or Singapore, higher than most of SE Asia, and about on par/slightly lower than most Western European cities:
πŸ™ Snack lunch (gimbap): $2-4 USD
πŸ› Casual lunch/dinner: $8-12 USD
πŸ§‘β€πŸ³ Fine dining, Michelin star-worthy: $100+ USD
πŸš‰ Transit: $1/ride, and one of the best transit systems in the world -- you can get anywhere
πŸš– Taxis: $8 for a 3-mile (4.8km) ride
🍻 Beer: $4 for a pint
You can live cheaply in Seoul, or you can ball out. The most significant cost of living in Seoul is rent, and that's covered by us, so it should be pretty affordable otherwise.

What to do in Seoul

There'll be a DAO/NFT conference called Seoulbound (ENG-lang) and a Korean government-sponsored crypto conference (KR-lang). We're in touch with the Seoulbound organizers about doing an Airfoil event while there.
We'll also likely cohost an event with Nonce, the largest and longest-running crypto community in Korea. Quite simply: it's hard to find a Korean crypto company that didn't start or operate out of Nonce, including the teams behind Keplr Wallet and vast swaths of the Cosmos ecosystem (and perhaps infamously Terra). They operate out of a series of coliving houses in the Gangnam area.
Our Seoul office is based in Seongsu/steps from the Seoul Forest, "The Brooklyn of Seoul", which is also the main crypto hub in the city (and home to Chainapsis, the makers behind Keplr). My second favorite area behind Gwanghwhamun, expect world-class coffee and tea shops, underground music venues, excellent fine dining, and of course the massive, beautiful Seoul Forest itself that'll be especially nice during the cherry blossom season. I've really fallen in love with this place and think you will too. Our office is located within FASTFIVE Seongsu, which is in and of itself a beautiful space with a 1st floor cafe, GS25 for 24h snacks, 3min walk to the Ttukseom train station, and 2 min walk to the Seongsu Cafe Street.
And that's just the work-related stuff; Seoul is my favorite city in the world. We'll have a full list of great spots to check out while you're here -- one reason I so enjoyed living in Seoul previously as a designer was the amount of great art and graphic design around at all times; it's really inspiring. I'm excited for more of you to discover that too.

How to express your interest

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