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Airfoil feedback survey
Hi everyone!
Behind the scenes, we've been working hard to improve your experience with Airfoil —across billing, project management, staffing, and more. Our core goal is to provide you with an experience that vastly outperforms that of a single freelancer or full-time hire.
That said, I want to ask for some honest feedback on your experience with Airfoil—across our work quality, communication, organization, billing/invoicing, pricing model, etc. We want to do everything we possibly can to make your experience better, and honest & candid feedback helps us do so.
I'm extremely grateful to have all of you with us—you are the reason any of this is possible, and we hope to continue collaborating with you long into the future. When we got started two years ago, I couldn't have imagined we'd grow into the organization we are today. Thank you for your business and for sticking with us on this journey!
Many thanks,