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Change your plan level

As part of our goal to be the most founder-friendly design agency, one untraditional aspect of our model has been allowing for plan upgrades/downgrades even during the middle of projects.
Please note that the following rules do apply for changing plans:
1️⃣ We need 30 days' notice for plan upgrades or downgrades, in order to make sure we have sufficient staffing for each project. While we will try our best to make shorter notice periods work, we reserve the right to reject a plan level change request if submitted with less advance notice. In addition, upgrades are subject to available project bandwidth. Email Amal if you have any questions.
2️⃣ Once an upgrade/downgrade request is accepted, we will need you to sign a new contract with us. This contract will be updated to reflect the pricing for your new plan level. If an upgrade is being processed mid-month, we will send an invoice for "month-to-date charges" (prorated based on the time spent) and then send a second invoice for the new Airfoil plan. If you are using a custom contract with us or have requested customization of contract language in the past, please email [email protected] to make sure that contract language is carried over to the new contract.
Once a request is submitted, we will respond via email or Basecamp confirming the request has been approved and send you the new contract. Plan changes will be considered finalized once the new contract is signed and payment is received for the subsequent month.
👉 If this sounds good, click "Next" below to create a plan change request.